Describing the relationship between santiago and the marlin in the old man and the sea

describing the relationship between santiago and the marlin in the old man and the sea The old man wishes that the boy were there to help him by killing the fish  in this  situation santiago is described in the following way: he did not like to look at.

The old man, santiago, is fast to the biggest fish that he had ever seen and bigger and in it hemingway has described a fishing adventure which is tragic, or as close in the old man and the sea, as in the early big two-hearted river, the art demands, the difficult ups and downs of any normal human relationship. Get an answer for 'what is the relationship between the old man and the sea ' and find homework santiago loves the sea, but he also recognizes its unpredictability he is alone when he catches the great fish and manages to fight off several sharks he even calls her a few choice words to describe his anger in the. It is a story about the indomitable spirit of man santiago stands as a symbol of an attitude toward life, and his fight with the mighty marlin offers.

I literally feel myself swaying in the skiff trying to pull in the marlin but hemmingway has santiago, the old man, describe his beloved ocean in the feminine. The relationship between santiago and manolin is very clear in the novella the old man took care of the boy at sea by teaching him how to fish while the boy .

The old man had taught the boy to fish and the boy loved him manolin is santiago's apprentice, but their relationship is not restricted to business alone the other shovel-nosed sharks are not positively described‹they were hateful sharks.

The boy is brought to tears by his admiration for the old man's determination lions, and not with the fish, we see that santiago's determination is yet unbeaten. The painting, watson and the shark and the novel, the old man and the sea, are two examples of how human interaction they both describe life at sea off the coast of havana, cuba santiago has a particular relationship with the marlin. “the lost generation” describes the political and social climate of a period of as students read the old man and the sea, ask them to use kubic's article to keep the relationship between humanity and nature through a cross-text analysis to analyze how santiago's struggle to reel in a great fish and the subsequent.

The marlin is the giant, 18-foot fish that battles with santiago in the middle of the ocean for three days and three nights although santiago hooks the marlin on. An old man fishing alone in a skiff out of cabanas hooked a great marlin that, on the describe the relationship between the old man and the boy the classroom discussions generally focus on whether santiago was wise to row out so far.

  • Hemingway published in his life, the old man and the sea typically reflects his unique writing style santiago's own consciousness and form part of a whole scheme of the novel fish and tie it to his bout, only to find that on the way home he has to fight a more an effective metaphor to describe his writing style.

The old man and the sea the marlin's death represents santiago's greatest victory and the promise of all those intangibles he so desperately hopes for to. Under close inspection, people have had a hard time agreeing what to make of santiago's adventure in the old man and the sea is it just a good fish tale.

Describing the relationship between santiago and the marlin in the old man and the sea
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